Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Golly It's a bit hot and the rest of the week looks pretty dodgy as well.Spent most of the day listing the new greeting cards I spent all day making yesterday.Would help if I didn't keep deviating off to the forums all the time.Talked to number four child today -not even as hot in Brisbane today as it was here.Will probably keep a low profile tomorrow and simply keep out of the heat.As long as the wind doesn't get up too much it should be OK.Living in the country is glorious most of the time ,but not when it is 42 degrees with howling northerly.Friday we take the caravan to Beachport ,a lovely coastal town about 30 minutes away.We leave it there for the next two or three months and just go there when we can between work.As long as the weather is not too extreme it will be lovely.We can't afford to be too far away if the weather is too dangerous.

Tomorrow Imogen ,our second grandchild ,has her first day at school.I don't know where the time has gone.It seems like yesterday that we crept into the labour ward and she was 40 minutes old.She is a little sweetheart with an amazing imagination and I hope she has a ball at school.She should give her teacher something to think about.

Am uploading a few of the cards I did yesterday.Hope you like them.Hope you are not too hot where you are ,Cheers Sally

Sunday, January 25, 2009

OK So I haven't bonded with the broom yet but I have listed my new School Library Book Bags on my kids site .Thought you might like to see them.Now I'm going to be a good girl and do what I'm supposed to be doing.
Happy Australia Day Everyone.Today I'm going to be a good little Australian and get to in this house,destroy a few cobwebs and have a general clean up. Then I'm into making some cards.Have been trying to get to it all week.Will post them on Sallysoriginalart when they are done.
We are taking our caravan down to Beachport on Friday .We will leave it there until maybe the end of April and travel backwards and forwards when we can.It is a lovely little town on the coast and now the school holidays are over will be quite peaceful most of the time.We have a few older friends who are retired so we meet up with them there each year.Please dont think we sit around discussing zimmer frames and grandchildren all day!In fact the days are pretty quiet but every night at the bbq seems to be party night.Thank goodness Ian has to work so we can come home and get some rest .Sometimes its hard to keep up with the old buggers!Will take some photos of the gorgeous coatline and post while I'm down there.
Well ,I can hear the broom calling .Have a great Australia Day.Cheers

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crikey What a week.Don't seem to have achieved much.Got a small floor quilt made for the market and started on a heap of library bags for school kids .Will take some to the market tomorrow and probably list some on my etsy kids store .Have put in a pic of the bear I sent off to number two daughter in Brisbane yesterday.She helped me draw up the design when I was up there and loved it so much I thought she had better have it.Her name is Fifi and she is a bit cute in her fluffy cardy.I had better stir myself and get another one done and listed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hi Everyone .I am finally doing a BLOG.Today has been a beautiful day .Not too hot ,not too windy.When it's nice in my backyard it means it.Tomorrow we have three of the grandchildren for a few hours while mum does the hairdresser ,so it won't be peaceful.Lucky better half will be home for the morning.Will probably make that chutney I have the tomatoes for while I can't do any creating.The kids will 'help' I guess.Will put up some pictures of what I have been listing lately just to keep you occupied.

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