Saturday, August 1, 2009

On the way back from Melbourne a couple of weeks ago,we had a bit of spare time ,so took the Great Ocean Road route.So beautiful,with huge views and uncommonly calm.Usually there is wind and big seas ,but this day we could have waterskied over the horizon.We stayed at Port Campbell where I had a meal so delicious I won't forget it in a while.Then dropped into Port Fairy for a ham sandwich at the wharf.A lovely trip ,with unusually good weather.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


It is school holidays here at the moment and our five year old grand daughter has been visiting lots.So I have still been sewing and working and she has been helping and making her own gear with the scraps.It does slow one down a bit ,but we have still managed to come up with a couple of dresses and a few pencil wraps.We also have multitudes of 'outfits' made of tiny scraps of fabric sewn together in very unique ways by Nanny!Unfortunately they have gone home with the designer,so I can't share photos of them with you.I have some pics of the dressses though and some boots I have been knitting ,so will share them with you.

Monday, June 22, 2009

One of my favourite shops

Today I want to show you one of my favourite shops. dressurdolly2 is full of the most gorgeous dolly clothes I think I have ever seen.They are so well made and such good prices.It is run by Pattie and if you would like her lovely stuff then convo her to organise overseas shipping.It was hard to pick favourites but I have grabbed some of her photos to show.Her shop is at I hope you enjoy looking at her gear as much as I have.

At Last

I have had such trouble getting into Blogger.Now I'm here I'm not sure what to blog.Wasn't really prepared to actually get on!!Have got some photos to share .This was taken across the paddock from our house at about five o'clock one night last week.It was amazing,the fog was rising through the paddock and the sun was setting behind.So beautiful.It happened for three or four nights in a row.Scary really because it should be raining like hell every day now.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This morning these fellows were having breakfast on the lawn outside the door of the cabin.There were three of them Mum,Dad and the Kid.And a couple more photos of the river.The water is so smooth that it is impossible to see where the reflections start and land begins.

Hi Everyone .Gosh It's a long time since I blogged.We have been spending a few days in a cabin in the lovely little town of Nelson-just over the border in Victoria.My Brother and SIL are here too.He has a boat so the men are out fishing all day.SIL goes a fair bit too.I started a cold the second day here so I have been just hanging out.The weather has been glorious.Cold nights and beautiful ,sunny days.Each day we take lunch and meet them somewhere down the river.I light a fire and cook the food and the boys trundle in and eat.Then we pack up and I come home and have a nanny nap.Quite nice really.Occasionally I pull out my knitting and do a bit on the booties for a sweet little girls birthday.I have taken some photos for you.The bloke with the fish is my brother with the record smallest fish caught by a member of our family.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Well,have been flat out since we got home from Brisbane.It was the big cook up for the Easter Saturday Beachport market with my friend Julie and kids and family the whole weekend.Home from Beachport and straight into cleaning my work rooms-yes there are more than one.How nice they are now: they quite entice me to create something.Have been sewing little dresses from some fabric I picked up in Brisbane.They are so nice to make,usually looking quite sweet when finished and today have started catching up on some cards.Have also been listing all of my stock from the now defunct market.It will take me ages but will have a full shop when done

Also have just been looking at the blog of Art Dolls by Nat.Some absolutely gorgeous dolls on there,beautifully made and real 'Art' Dolls in the real sense of the word.I highly recommend a cruise through the blog.Making dolls is quite addictive-but then I find all 'making things'addictive.Have a great week everyone.I look forward to catching up on blogs.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm up early this morning.It's lovely and cool and I'm trying to get all the computer stuff out of the way ,so I can spend all day with the family.We only have two days left and its off home again.Will have to start saving again so we can get back soon.They just live too far away.
Has anyone noticed I'm such a great blogger I am now following myself.What a dork.I'm having trouble working out how to follow people.Some blogs have an easy button to click to follow and others I can't find any way to follow.Will have to work it out.Have just been reading the blog of littlemoandfriends and it is so beautiful,but I can't find how to follow her.I guess one of you will explain on the thread .I will have to ask.I hear movement hear.Better go and cuddle that baby for a while.he is so lovely .Hardly ever whinges and smiles every time she sees me.Can't get better than that!Cheers

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brisbane Trip

We had a great trip up.Long days in the car but lovely dinners and wine each night.The kids are doing well and our baby girl is just gorgeous.I knitted all the way up(which explains my dead shoulder)and got some little kids bootee/slippers done .Will get them listed when the pics are sorted.Had great excitement when a bracelet sold-going to Scotland-my first jewellery sale on ETSY.Have done my pencil wrap order since we got here ,so when all is posted I'm having a bit of free time.Lucky I brought my small listings with me.Here are the boots and the bracelet .

The boots are in the AllysannesKidStuff shop

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a great week .Have been designing and listing organizer wraps for the etsy shop. I have been lucky enough to be using gorgeous rainbow fabric from the queen of the dye workshop Rainbow Revolution.It is such a joy to work with and makes up beautifully.My mind is darting around with ideas of what I can do with it!.Here are some of the results.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a weekend .Woke up with rummy tummy early sunday morning.Ate quikeze.Went back to bed .Heard funny noises out back of house -I was home alone -Ian at work- got up to look and the telly sitting on top of big bar barrel in the back pergola was consumed in flames.Called ooo found extinguisher ,doused big flames and waited for CFS.They came ,Ambos came -just to have a look .They put the rest out and away they go.5 am rummy tummy turns into volcanic eruption and I commune with loo bowl for several hours.Spend most of the day in bed. Monday bigger local paper ring for interview and Tuesday complete front page covered in story of combusting telly.How embarrassing.Completely over it now and just want to go back to hermit existence I usually live.Heres some pics of telly .Exclusive .They didn't make the front page.Amazing how little the barrel was damaged considering it was covered in flames when I found it .In between all this happening I did manage to make a couple of dresses for my shop on Monday.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well Tried to put on an Etsy mini and that was a complete failure ,so will show you my latest jewellery efforts.Still at the beach off and on.Have been in trackies and warm top for two days now.Will get a shock when I get home today.Home is only 50 kms away so the difference is quite amazing sometimes.The OzBushfireAppeal shop is going great guns ,so proud of our Dusters with the initiative and extraordinary hard work they have done.I had some cards bought so I am keen to find out where they are going and how far the appeal is reaching out across the world.Must away to the bbq for a quick steak sandwich and glass of wine before we head back to the real world for a few days.Hope you like these.

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