Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a weekend .Woke up with rummy tummy early sunday morning.Ate quikeze.Went back to bed .Heard funny noises out back of house -I was home alone -Ian at work- got up to look and the telly sitting on top of big bar barrel in the back pergola was consumed in flames.Called ooo found extinguisher ,doused big flames and waited for CFS.They came ,Ambos came -just to have a look .They put the rest out and away they go.5 am rummy tummy turns into volcanic eruption and I commune with loo bowl for several hours.Spend most of the day in bed. Monday bigger local paper ring for interview and Tuesday complete front page covered in story of combusting telly.How embarrassing.Completely over it now and just want to go back to hermit existence I usually live.Heres some pics of telly .Exclusive .They didn't make the front page.Amazing how little the barrel was damaged considering it was covered in flames when I found it .In between all this happening I did manage to make a couple of dresses for my shop on Monday.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well Tried to put on an Etsy mini and that was a complete failure ,so will show you my latest jewellery efforts.Still at the beach off and on.Have been in trackies and warm top for two days now.Will get a shock when I get home today.Home is only 50 kms away so the difference is quite amazing sometimes.The OzBushfireAppeal shop is going great guns ,so proud of our Dusters with the initiative and extraordinary hard work they have done.I had some cards bought so I am keen to find out where they are going and how far the appeal is reaching out across the world.Must away to the bbq for a quick steak sandwich and glass of wine before we head back to the real world for a few days.Hope you like these.

Friday, February 6, 2009


When we were in Beachport the other night we went fishing at the Salmon Hole .There weren't too many fish about (which didn't stop Best Half from going in up to his Best Bits) but it was a beautiful balmy night and so lovely on the beach it didn't matter about the fish.The sunset was quite lovely.Here are some pics

Sunday, February 1, 2009

So We have escaped the heat and gone to the beach.We brought the caravan down on Friday.When we left home it was sooo hot all I wanted was to get here and have a swim and when we got here it was sooo cool I put my tracky dacks on.We are only 30 minutes from home it is unbelievable.Apparently last week it was awful hot here too ,but the wind has gone around to the south and is keeping it cool for a while.We go home for a couple of night s this afternoon ,so it's back to hot again.Have been busy over the weekend cooking and at the market .I finally got to list some silks this morning.Am going to spend the rest of the time here designing a few things.Hope to fit in a nice walk before it's back in the car and the real world.Heres a few pics .

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