Thursday, July 22, 2010

New horizons

Hi Everyone.We have been moving on at a steady pace covering some lovely country.The scenery changes each day in this vast land of ours.Yesterday we went to Lake Argyle Village.The drive in from the highway was stunning with great red rocky hills and escarpments.Lake Argyle is a vast expanse of water made with the damming of the Ord river.The Village is made up mainly of caravan park run by lovely friendly people who throw a Happy Hour every night to get everyone together.
Today we came into Kunnanurra and will go on from here on Saturday. Broome is the next big town and we will pass through some pretty isolated communities on the way.Phone coverage up here is pretty dodgy ,so we have to make the most of reaching everyone when we get the chance.Here are some pics of the lovely country we are passing through.


  1. Sally.. it sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Next time you do this can you take me with you?

  2. What a beautiful country we live in! And yeah me too, can I come next time?


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