Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 1

Wow .Long day in the car but lovely nonetheless.After leaving at 7.50am we arrived at the free camp in Conargo at about 5.15 pm.Conargo is just North of Deniliquin. In the first hour we had fog and gloom and in the last hour we had the most amazing sunset.In between I played yahtzee with myself and talked to Ian to keep him awakeHe did night shift last night so hasn't been to bed since 10 pm last night.It didn't take long to settle in here.Cooked our tea , drank some nice wine and soon to bed .Will be awake at sparrowfart after such an early night.

Catch you soon xx


  1. Jacques looks very comfortable Sally :))

  2. Would love to be sitting on that dashboard! At least Jacques is..., lucky duck, oops bunny..., he is!!! have a great day 2morrow... xox


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