Thursday, July 22, 2010

New horizons

Hi Everyone.We have been moving on at a steady pace covering some lovely country.The scenery changes each day in this vast land of ours.Yesterday we went to Lake Argyle Village.The drive in from the highway was stunning with great red rocky hills and escarpments.Lake Argyle is a vast expanse of water made with the damming of the Ord river.The Village is made up mainly of caravan park run by lovely friendly people who throw a Happy Hour every night to get everyone together.
Today we came into Kunnanurra and will go on from here on Saturday. Broome is the next big town and we will pass through some pretty isolated communities on the way.Phone coverage up here is pretty dodgy ,so we have to make the most of reaching everyone when we get the chance.Here are some pics of the lovely country we are passing through.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On the Road Again

Well , Our week in Brisbane flew past.It was great to spend time with the kids and the baby girls and many tears were shed when it was time to go.
You can see Poppy had a torrid time of it.
I started a new obsession in Brisbane when I bought my first cross stitch pack-something I said I would never do.Ian loves it as it keeps me very quiet. Smart ass.It is supposed to look like a cute little elephant when finished. Hmm.Fingers crossed.

We left the van at Goondiwindi when we went into Brisbane so our travels have really started from there.We camped last night by a lovely Lagoon just outside a tiny little town called Yuleba.There were several other travellers there to have a chat to and we lit a fire to keep warm by and cook Dinner.It was lovely and quiet and Ian threw the Yabby nets in with great hopes.Huh.No yabbie sandwiches.

We are now bunkered down in the Mitchell Caravan park as the roads have been rough and wet.It is too cold to camp out.We turned chicken and opted for the power with electric heater option.Lots of other people must be chicken too as the park is chocka .Hopefully the rain will stop tomorrow and we can get a bit further than today .We are used to rain but sheesh the roads are dodgy and make bouncing along in front of a van a bit interesting.
Keep well everyone and catch you soon.xxxxxx

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 1

Wow .Long day in the car but lovely nonetheless.After leaving at 7.50am we arrived at the free camp in Conargo at about 5.15 pm.Conargo is just North of Deniliquin. In the first hour we had fog and gloom and in the last hour we had the most amazing sunset.In between I played yahtzee with myself and talked to Ian to keep him awakeHe did night shift last night so hasn't been to bed since 10 pm last night.It didn't take long to settle in here.Cooked our tea , drank some nice wine and soon to bed .Will be awake at sparrowfart after such an early night.

Catch you soon xx

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Big Day

Well, at last the big day has come.I am up early in the dark waiting for Ian to come home from work.The van is packed ,Jacques de Lapin is safely stowed in his little tin in my bag and the house sitter is still in her warm bed. All I have to get through now is farewelling the animals and we are off. It has been hard saying 'catch you later' to the local family but am looking froward to seeing the Brisbane crew-specially Mahli and the new Princess.
Must turn the computer off ,grab some brekky and be waiting when Ian gets here.Catch you on the road.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Travellers

Today I received the most gorgeous parcel from an Etsy friend - Julie Blanchette.This little bloke is going on our travels with us. I have named him Jacques de Lapin . He is just beautiful and is already checking out his new home. Thankyou Julie.I am so chuffed to have one of your amazing bunnies .Keeping him away from Mahli in Brisbane might be tricky but he is miiiiiiine.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Great excitement

Friday was a very important day with the birth of Grandchild number 6. She is a gorgeous little girl (an unbiased opinion ) weighing in at 7 lb 6 oz and 51cm long. They are both still in hospital as Wendy had a caesarian but she hopes to go home tomorrow.Hopefully by then Little Ayla will have sorted out some sort of sleep pattern.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

On the way back from Melbourne a couple of weeks ago,we had a bit of spare time ,so took the Great Ocean Road route.So beautiful,with huge views and uncommonly calm.Usually there is wind and big seas ,but this day we could have waterskied over the horizon.We stayed at Port Campbell where I had a meal so delicious I won't forget it in a while.Then dropped into Port Fairy for a ham sandwich at the wharf.A lovely trip ,with unusually good weather.

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